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Dress to Skirt Refashion


I swear I took some ‘before’ pictures, but I can’t find them anywhere… no worries.  This is the simplest refashion ever so the after pics should be enough.

The dress I used was someone’s old bridesmaid dress made from stiff, shiny polyester with lace overlay (I love the lace).  The bottom half has a flattering almost pencil skirt shape, but the top was just formal and dated.  So all I did was cut the top off- about two inches above the narrowest part of dress.  I sewed a half inch seam around the top and voila!  New skirt!  It sits nice and high and looks great with a belt.

DSC_0303_04 DSC_0306_04 DSC_0315_04 DSC_0320_04

And here’s my sweet baby.  We’re so glad it’s warmed up!


Pants-to-Skirt Conversion


Now that the holidays are over and I have a bit of time on my hands again, I’ll hopefully get some work done on the stack of projects I have waiting for me!  This week: turning an old, out of style pair of slacks into not just one, but two,  nice new skirts!  (One for me and one for the two year old.)   The pictures aren’t the clearest, but hope you get the idea.

This idea was borrowed and altered from a post that I can’t find right now.  I’ll get you that link as soon as I can find it again!

I agree with the original writer- the crotch-part of pants is the most awkward part of turning pants into skirts.  A lot of people just pick it apart and end up sewing it straight on to the front of the skirt.  Confession:  I have done this in the past.  Yes, it was cool in high school but my “look” has changed significantly since then.

And so, at her suggestion, I severed the top of the pants from the bottom above the awkward spot.  Much better.

These pants were a little too hip-y for me, so I sewed a straight line down from the waist so they would fit me better in the hip- area.

I then cut each pant leg down one side and sewed both legs together to make one big piece.  These pants were significantly tapered (not really the style right now….)  so I flipped them around so the skirt would flare out in a nice A-line.


I hemmed the top-now-bottom of the pant legs and sewed the remaining edge of the pant legs together to make the tube that would be the skirt.

I figured out where the width of the bottom of the top of the pants matched the top of the bottom of the skirt (does that make sense?)  and I cut off the part of the pant legs that I didn’t need and then, after lining up the seams on the front and the back, I sewed and surged the top of the pants to the skirt bottom.  You can see there was still a weird little line from the crotch area, so I just sewed that straight down in the front and the back to make it flat. Done!

Skirt number two was even easier.  I just took the left over part of the pants legs, hemmed it, made a little flower out of scraps and used snaps to make a little wrap-around skirt for the two year old!














And here we are in our matching skirts.  Fun, eh?

















....and now we've had enough of the skirt


Thanks for reading!