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I heart the Library!

HK Tuen Mun Public Library new books

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I feel like I hit the jackpot at the library last time we visited. Chasing a 3-year-old around the stacks doesn’t leave me much time to be really choosy about the books I pick for her. I usually grab what looks interesting from the displays the librarians set out. They did a grand job this last time! So I thought I’d share the gems I (they) found. Read the rest of this entry


Thrifty Finds!


I love second hand shopping.  Thrift stores…. yard sales….. even dumpster diving!  There’s always something unique to be found.  So today I thought I’d share my latest finds at my local thrift store.

The Find of the Day: A mint condition box set of the 1978 printing of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series.

Seriously, they look like they were hardly touched!  The spines on two of the books weren’t even bent.  It does make me a little sad that whoever owned these probably didn’t enjoy them as they deserve to be enjoyed but I am glad they were generous enough to donate them to the thrift store for others to enjoy.


My thrift store is getting tricky.  Or smart.  Usually all their jewelery and small accessories are piled on a shelf and you have to search through the dredges to find the one or two cool things hidden in the mess.  And of course, nobody buys the mediocre stuff.  Well, now they’ve started sorting everything into clear plastic bags and they’ll put one or two cool things in the bag and a bunch of mediocre things and charge $3 for all of it.  Not a bad idea, actually.  Well, as luck would have it, I found a bag with no less than 4 pretty cool things and so I bought the whole bag.


I was the most excited about this:

Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges but I think it could be absolutely fabulous with a little work.  Maybe a few more feathers, some lace to line the rough ribbon edges…. and it has a pin and a hair clip on the back so it’s versatile.  Love it!

This is also a favorite:

Best part about this one?  I don’t have to change a thing.  It looks great to me!


This one, on the other hand, needs a little something….

I’m probably going to throw it in the washer with a hand wash load and if it survives I’ll decide what to do next.  Maybe nothing.

I’m excited about the possibilities:

I’ve never seen barrettes like these!  They are whimsical and classic and I love them!  The question is, do I leave them as is?  Or do I create something new around them?  Necklace? Earrings? Bigger hair clip?  What do you think?

And all the rest:

So there’s some useful stuff in there. I could use the plain barrettes to make some sweet hair clips.   Lets just say I won’t be heartbroken if this stuff happens to get lost.

Have you had any sweet thrift finds lately?

Favorite Childrens Books


I recently wrote about a book I was reading  called A Picture Perfect Childhood by Cay Gibson.  (Click Here for that post) Since reading the book and changing a few things about the books we read at our house, I have found a PLETHORA of awesome wonderful books!  The illustrations on alot of them are seriously breathtaking, and the stories hold me and my 5 year old captive. 

I also love how in the book one of her lists of recommendations are by month, and she has some interesting books about holidays.  She also has every month at least one book about each of these subjects: Art, Music, Poetry, Science/Nature, Language Arts, Shakespeare, Math, Geography, Fairy Tale, Myth, and Tall Tale.  I really liked branching out into all these different topics!  We got alot of the books recommended for November, and these are my favorites.  I would suggest most of these books for 5 and up.  The

Front Cover

The Tempest by Marianna Mayer/Lynn Bywaters 

                     A retelling of Shakespeare, the illustrations were beautiful, and the story compelling.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianna Mayer/ K.Y. Craft   

                      My daughter loved this one, again the illustrations are intricate and VERY well done.  The classic story-but well told.  My husband got tired of reading this one, it was pretty lengthy.

Pegasus by Marianna Mayer/K.Y. Craft

                      Another favorite of my daughter.  Again, AWESOME pictures, and the classic story of Pegasus and Bellerophon fighting the Chimera.  Warning for sensitive children: the monster is quite fearsome!

Louisa May& Mr. Thoreau’s Flute by Julie Dunlap and Marybeth Lorbiecki/ Mary Azarian

                         I had no idea Louise May Alcott lived near Henry David Thoreau!  This was a fun book about Louise writing her first poem at 8 years old. 

The Secret of Saying Thanks

The Secret of Saying Thanks by Douglass Wood/Gred Shed

                          This is such a feel good book!  Also a tear-jerker, but it doesn’t take much to get me to tear up!  When I first read this to my daughter, I had to pause for a bit to get my emotions under control, and she began to cry (very fake) as well.  Pretty hysterical.  Beautiful soft illustrations and a good reminder to give thanks in all things. 

The Wise Old Woman

The Wise Old Woman by Yoshiko Uchida/Martin Springett

                            Fun retelling of a Japanese fable, teaches the importance of valuing your elders, for they are wise!

My kids Favorites:


Davy Crockett Saves the World by Rosalyn Schanzer 

                               My kids both loved the over-the-top way in which the story is told.  Fun.  I didn’t love it, but my kids did!

Carnival of the Animals - Camille Saint-Saëns; Commentary by Barrie C. Turner; Illustrated by Sue Williams

Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens by Barry Carson Turner/Sue Williams

                                  This was so fun to listen to the music and read a little about each animal.  My 3 year old sat by and looked at the pictures, while my 5 year old just danced and danced and danced to the music.  Great book, great music.


So those are my favorites this month!  I’ll let you know what treasures I find next month- and you let me know some of YOUR favorite I can check out!