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Yarn Wrapped Letters


Hi all! I don’t even remember the last time I posted on our blog. But I was crafty(!) and I wanted to share.

My husband and I recently found out we are expecting a baby boy and I’ve been itching to buy his bed, carseat, stroller, clothes, etc. etc., but my husband is insisting we wait a while longer mostly because we don’t have the room to store all this stuff without it being used. So I decided instead to busy myself with attempting to make things for our new baby. So this was my first try, and I think it turned out pretty good!

Yarn wrapped letters. I got the initial idea from a friend who is also expecting, and then I looked up a bunch of tutorials online (just google search it, there’s a ton). It narrowed down to there being about a million ways to do this project, so I just went for it and made up my own way.

I didn’t think about making a blog post until I was about to start the last letter of John’s name, so the N is the only one documented, and sorry about the glares and different lighting, I obviously am no photographer!

Yarn (your choice of color and texture/thickness)
Wood letters (I got mine from Hobby Lobby, my friend is using cardboard, really anything would work, but the blockier the better. Anything with curly ends might be difficult, the J and O were already hard…)
Hot glue (or tape or regular glue or staples, to attach yarn to letter)

Here’s my letter… don’t mind the fact that I took a picture of it upside down… I thought it looked kind of funny while looking at it later…


Through doing the other letters (and a few tips from other tutorials), I learned I needed to cover the parts that I wouldn’t be able to cover when wrapping the entire letter. I think this will make sense with the next few pictures to come. 

I cut 2(ish)inch pieces of yarn, and hot glued them on the ends of the letter in a vertical fashion.


I then did all the other ends the same way. (Yay I finally took the picture the right way up!)


Then I pretty much just started wrapping, using hot glue every once in a while so it wouldn’t come unraveled. I was able to do the “J” all at once, but that was the only one. The “O” I did in four sections, mostly because I couldn’t fit very much yarn through the tiny hole. I did the “H” in five sections, I think, and the “N” I did in four. This worked better for me and made it look nicer, but you might be more proficient than I am and could do it in all one wrap. Also, you’ll notice in my pictures I left little stripes without yarn. I did this just because of the way the letters bent. I think if I were to do this again, I would try and find (or cut out) letters that didn’t have serifs (the blocky parts at the ends) as I had to go back after wrapping and add pieces of yarn to fill those stripes (as shown in the picture) and I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it turned out looking. It would have been much easier if the wood letters looked just like this font “JOHN”. Just a note in case you’re actually thinking about doing this.


Then I added hooks. I eyeballed these, and hoped they wouldn’t make the four letters hang at different heights and look silly on the wall.


And here’s the finished project! I added the two little zebra embellishments to hide a few mistakes/parts I didn’t like how they looked. The zebras were on a stick in a cupcake at a baby shower I went to over a year ago, and I thought they was so cute I kept them, and I’m glad I did!


My husband came up with the great idea of hanging the letters at an angle so I wouldn’t have to worry too much about my eyeballed hooks. Here’s what it looks like…


I had a ton of fun doing this project, it was quite simple, and really cheap! 
Thanks for reading!


Staying motivated!


Is this you? It’s definitely me! I’m a college student with three years left to go (remember when I said I was the youngest?) and school starts this coming Monday. I’ll tell you what, the 2nd grader inside me is excited for school to start because I have always loved school, but then I remember that I’m not a 2nd grader anymore, my teachers don’t care as much about me as Mrs. McDowell did, my name isn’t taped on my desk, I don’t get free pencils and paper (or books. Gee, they can be expensive!) and then I just begin to dread school altogether.

So I thought I’d like to write today about staying motivated! At work, school, etc. Things I’ve tried, things I would like to try, things that have worked, and things that haven’t.

The absolute, number-one-best thing I’ve ever gotten good at to help myself stay on track is to write things down. In middle school, and junior high my mom would buy me a cute planner before school started and she would make me write down every single thing during my school day, and she especially wanted to know what homework I had so she could see me actually doing it. It usually looked something like this:

Math- nothing
English- nothing
Reading- nothing
PE- nothing
Science: nothing

I sometimes wonder how my poor mom dealt with me! And she checked that darn planner everyday, without fail. As I’ve gotten a little older and my grades started mattering a little more, I got a little better at writing things down and now I just hate not having a planner. I always forget things! Especially when I’ve got five classes, a calling, a job, and a husband!

So I’d say, if you don’t write things down and notice yourself forgetting things, maybe you should start!

Something else to help stay motivated (and yes, this is probably cheesey, but really important) Look for the positive things! Even if you’re at work and the positive thing is, I get to go home in 2 hours and 20 minutes, etc.

Something positive that helps me at work is, I’m getting paid for this. I’m getting paid to sit here and fold 400 10 page newsletters in half. Or, I’m learning something new going through all these class curriculum’s. I get to test my knowledge at the copier today!

Something else I like to do is: Make it fun. Sometimes if I’m working with another person (folding newsletters) we would compete to see who could fold the most in 1 minute. When I had to shred 6 boxes of junk at the beginning of my job, I would bring my iPod or sing (to myself. Yes, that’s probably a little crazy… make sure nobody you care about impressing is there). Talking to someone, trying to find a new exciting way to do an old mundane task, etc. There’s tons of things you can do!

Something important in regards to school is to recognize your progress and reward yourself! College is hard, and I think I deserve to feel good about the B- I made on a really difficult math test. Maybe the reward can be having a clean house to be proud of after an entire day’s hard work. Or a relaxing movie night after a busy school day. Also, I find it’s important (and I need to be better about this) but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that you’re a human being, and we’re not perfect!

I’m feeling a little better about school starting in a few days…

But I still need help! What do you do to stay motivated?

One of these things is not like the other…


Hello blogging world! My name is Danica Spendlove, and I’m the youngest, and newest member of the “Nurturing Joy” sisters.  Being the newest… and youngest (and shortest) I am really not like the others. I have been married just over five months, and I currently don’t have any children.  However, I must say that, unlike the song, I DO belong even though I am very much different.  And I hope to be able to prove that in my future posts to come.


I enjoy reading, music, and long walks on the beach (Okay, just kidding about that last one.) I love to organize, vacuum, and wash the dishes. I like to take naps, and play the piano. But you know what I just hate more than anything?

Excersicing. See, I can’t even spell the word. E-x-e-r-c-i-s-i-n-g.

I don’t like getting sweaty, I don’t like wearing short shorts or tight shirts, I don’t want people watching me, etc. etc.

There’s a girl I work with who’s doing a full marathon in just a few weeks, my mom’s being going to Zumba every week, my husband and his friends love to play frisbee and racquetball, my Aunt has run the RAGNAR two years in a row… how does everybody do it??? 

A month and half or so ago, my aunt and uncle (the same aunt who’s run the RAGNAR) came up to Logan to ride the MS ride (Multiple Sclerosis). My mom and I watched their kids for the morning and then went to meet them at the finish line. I was so amazed and impressed watching all those cyclists ride past with big smiles on their faces after riding 100 miles!  They all had awesome bikes, fancy shorts and jerseys, sweet shoes and socks, cool water bottles and helmets… and I kept thinking, I want me some of that.

8 days later…

My new bike! I’ve even got the fancy shorts and jerseys, sweet shoes and helmet, and cool water bottles.

I still don’t really like getting sweaty, and I still don’t really like people watching me, but when I’m riding my bike (this is a shocker) it’s fun! I never thought exercising and being healthy could be fun! It always seemed like such a chore for me.

So what changed? I’m still not really sure… but here’s somethings you can do to make exercising fun:

-Find something you really enjoy, and I mean REALLY enjoy. (Ex. me and biking)

-Work out with someone you know (hopefully well enough not to get embarrassed when you sweat, or fall off your bike)

-Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and SING while you work out!

-Make an exercise plan and write it down, including goals (I want to run this far by such-and-such a date… I want to lose five pounds  by this day, etc.)

-Do different things such as running, swimming, biking, walking, yoga, Zumba, etc.

-Put a smile on your face and just do it!

I’ve been riding my bike for three weeks now on a structured plan and I am just loving the way I feel about myself, and I’ve even lost a little weight too!

So tell me, what do you do to make exercising fun???