Monthly Archives: May 2012

Desk Make Over!


Good news!  My garden is starting to sprout!  That’s not what I’m blogging about today, but I had to share with someone.

Today’s blog features my latest project.  While we were packing up our house and moving all our stuff I decided that I needed a new storage and space solution for my crafty supplies.  In our old apartment, they basically resided in a set of plastic drawers and several cardboard boxes in the back of the closet.  My mother-in-law was kind enough to support my cause and donated an old roll top desk she had in storage.  The desk was in fairly good condition- just a little wobbly and the finish was not very attractive.  We got it moved without it falling apart and I finally got to work on it.
One side of the desk top had broken off from the base so we glued and nailed it back together.  Wobbly problem solved.

We sanded the rough spots on the desk, but not enough to take off all the old finish. We stained it with the darkest shade of stain we could find. Maybe I didn’t rub off enough of the stain but I like how dark it turned out.  I then put on two coats of polyurethane and let it cure for two days. Done.

I was all set to buy new hardware, but the style I liked was expensive so we bought some metallic silver spray paint that really updated the look of the old hardware.

I felt like it needed something else and I’ve been wanting to try this lace finish out.  I just taped newspaper around the panel I wanted to paint and taped some cheap lace over the panel.  Some people use a temporary spray adhesive to attach the lace to the surface but I didn’t have any on hand and I didn’t want to make yet another trip to the store.  My method seemed to work fine.  I used the silver spray paint I bought for the hardware to spray the lace pattern on the side.

I think next time I do the lace thing, I’ll get a lace with a bigger design.  Other than that, I’m quite pleased with the outcome.  Now all I have to do is child-proof the drawers and we’ll be in business!


My First Real Garden


Ahhhh….. springtime!  The temperatures are rising, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming….. Whoops!  Hope it’s not to late to plant!

This was my exact thought process not two weeks ago.  It’s been so unusually warm this spring I probably could have planted a month ago.  But we just moved and even though there’s a nice spot of ground in the backyard for planting (hooray!) unpacking and organizing the house has taken precedence.  We finally got around to planting last weekend.   Neither my husband or I have ever planted a garden by ourselves.  Turns out it’s a lot easier when someone just tells you what to plant and how than trying to decide and figure it all out by yourself. 

We ended up buying tomato and herb starts because obviously we’d missed the tomato planting window and, well, my track record with herbs isn’t too impressive.  I expect the herb starts will do much better than my seedlings last year since they are well established and planted in the garden instead of pots.

We also planted several rows of corn, peppers, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini, and assorted squash.  I hope something grows.  I’ll keep you posted.