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The “Mummy” Wrap Necklace

The “Mummy” Wrap Necklace

Hey! Thought I’d share a little easy something I did last week.  I call it The “Mummy” Wrap Necklace- mainly because while I was making it I felt like I was wrapping each individual bead like a tiny mummy- and then my sister pointed out that it was wrapped by a “mummy”! We’re so hilarious.  Ahem.

I watched several tutorials on how to do these types of necklaces…. after I made this one, of course.  So my tutorial may be a little different than what you’ve seen, but I love the way it turned out so I’m sharing.


-a large piece of off-white cotton fabric (mine was half a yard but I only used three strips)

-assorted beads (or anything round- marbles, fake berries, malt balls, etc.)

-a snack (could also use malt balls)

Speaking of malt balls, this is a great way to make those candy leis.

First, I took my fabric and ripped three long strips about an inch and a half wide.  The strips should be wide enough to wrap around your biggest beads one and a half times.  I left my edges raw, so this length ensured that the beads wouldn’t slip out.  You can also sew the strips into a tube if that’s your style.

I started from one end and worked my way to the other, but you could also start in the middle.  Either way, make sure you have enough of an end to tie when you’re done.  Then, you just tie a single knot, wrap the fabric immediately after the knot around a bead (tightly), tie another knot and so on.

It’s really very simple.  I started out with small beads, then medium beads and put my big beads in the middle.  You can do  whatever you want.  When I got to the end of one strip I simply tied another strip on with a granny knot and continued wrapping beads.  If you wanted a tidier looking necklace you could sew several strips together.
When I finished with all the beading, I took some smaller strips and tied them on to one side for decoration.  I’ve seen flowers added to these necklaces as well.And Voila!  It looks great on Lindsey!
I also made this bracelet version.
So cute and so easy!  My favorite part?  They are virtually kid proof.
Thanks for reading!