I am a winter person. I LOVE sitting in a warm house snuggled up in a blanket reading a book with hot chocolate watching the snow fall. I love the beauty of snow. I would SO much rather be cold that hot. You can always put more clothes on, but there is only so much you can take off! I love to cross country ski, build snow-men, and go sledding. I love that feeling when you step outside and breath in through your nose and you can feel the inside of your nostrils freezing up. Well, ok, I don’t really love that. But overall, I have always enjoyed winter. Plus my birthday is in winter, and so is Christmas and Valentines day-both really great holidays. However, some things are just not the same after you have kids.

One thing in particular has struck me this winter that really really really makes me wish it was spring-or even worse- summer! WINTER COATS. And shoes, and socks and hats and gloves and scarfs. Trying to leave the house with three kids properly dressed for the cold is, well…indescribable. Then, once we have gone through the marathon of getting shoes, socks, coats, hats, and gloves on they play in the snow for 2 minutes and then have to use the bathroom or are just cold and want to come in.  If we are going to the library or some such place, we have to take all the layers off, and then I get to carry them around! While also carrying the baby, library books and occasionally my 3 year old as well. GOOD GRIEF!! If only it were summer! The kids can run outside in just their diapers for all I care! (I suppose there is sunscreen to worry about- but I don’t ever have to take it off and carry it!) No shoes, or if they need shoes sandals are so kid friendly I might not even have to help get them on!

That, my friends is why I am dreaming of 90 degree weather. When it does come, though, I know I will miss the winter-coats and all.


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