One of My Favorite Things



One of man’s greatest inventions? 

Maybe not, but let me tell you why I love mine.  I found them at the thrift store 6 months ago for 3 dollars a piece.  There were 3 of them.  They are old school, from the 50s I think, and still in great condition.  I looked up Prolon Ware online and it looks like they still make lots of dishes although I doubt they still make lunch trays with styrofoam being the choice of many schools. 

A typical lunch before these wonderful things consisted of a p.b. & j. sandwich with an apple if they (my 3 kids) were lucky.  We snacked on other things pretty much all day so lunch wasn’t a big deal.  However, after I got these trays, the kids wanted every space filled, so lunch became a meal again!  And a really healthy one, too.  I would end up making a p.b. & j. of course, but then fill up the other spaces with carrots and dip, fruit, a drink, applesauce, cottage cheese, and even go-gurt or string cheese where the utensils go.  And because they were eating such a filling lunch, we only have one snack between meals now!  

That’s why I love my lunch trays! 

p.s. the meal in the picture is actually a dinner.  NO WAY do I put that much effort into our lunches! 


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  1. We found some at the DI about, oh, ten years ago. One of my favorite things, too. I use one every tuesday when my employer feeds us all lunch. It can hold a lot more food than a styrofoam plate, and it’s less wasteful. Also, we sit at rolling, folding tables with built in benches just like in elementary school.

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