Necklace Make-over!


Well hello all.  I’m not sure how to start this out.  I’m not the eloquent writer my sisters are.  However, I am brilliant at saving a penny or two on things I like.  For years I bought necklaces at a store that would sell their old necklaces ten for five dollars.  I would easily get tired of them and give them away, but that was fine because they didn’t cost much.  Well one day I had brilliant idea.  I would take them apart (those that I could), save the beads and make new, cooler necklaces!!  So that’s what I did.  If I had planned better I would have taken pictures of the old necklaces and my refurbished necklaces, but I didn’t.  So to start I went and found a box (an old jewelry box) to hold the beads.  I went and bought some wire.  I found necklace making books at my local library (it took me a couple of tries to get the right books).  Then I went to work.  One of the books showed how to string beads to make cool patterns.  Other books just gave me ideas.  I had a lot of fun and learned a lot!  I felt really good about my dexterity and mental acuity.  This made me want to do it more and more!  So now I have another hobby that I have no time to pursue!  Please enjoy these picture which show the fruits of my labors.










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