Symbols of Christmas


“All things bear record of me.” *

Every Christmas we have the tradition of reading a version of “Teach the Children” and setting up a small tree with ornaments to illustrate the story.  My kids love to do this and I love that it helps them remember what Christmas is all about.  I got the small tree and ornaments at my local craft store, and I sewed the bag myself.  Of course you could use almost anything to illustrate the story: a tree and ornaments made of felt, pictures or drawings of the tree and ornaments, or decorate your large tree with the ornaments.  The key is to make it interactive.  This would also make a great gift for a family with children.

Here’s my version of the story.  I found several versions on the internet but none of them fit exactly the way I wanted to tell it (and the ornaments I could find!) so I cut and pasted different parts together and added sections for the ornaments I could find.  What I’m saying is feel free to edit my version to suit your needs!

Christmas symbols with meanings:

  • Red – the blood of Christ
  • Green – eternal life
  • White – repentance and forgiveness
  • Evergreen tree – eternal life
  • Wreath – circle shows eternity
  • Bow – unity
  • Gifts – gifts of the magi, gift of Christ (John 3:16)
  • Star – Star of Bethlehem
  • Santa – anonymous charitable giving
  • Candy cane – shepherd’s crook, ‘J’ for Jesus, more!
  • Bells – proclaiming the good news, seeking lost sheep
  • Candles/Lights – individual testimony, good works *

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