Homemade Christmas


I like making as many Christmas presents as I can.  In a previous post I mentioned my reasons why, basically that they are more personalized and I feel like I am giving more of myself in the gift.  They feel like love made tangible.  Here are the ones I have made thus far. 

First- for my 3 year old niece I made these 2 skirts and shirt with a hair clippie from 2 t-shirts.  The sites where I got the tutorials are listed below the picture.  The shirt embellishments I came up with on my own using the leftover fabric from one of the skirts.  The hair clippie is clipped on the waist of the green skirt and you can get the tutorial of how to make the rosette here.

Sew Much Ado

Friday Tutorial

This is the first quilt I have made, and I just looked at the pattern here and tried to feel my way through it.  It turned out OK, but the binding is pretty bad.   The doll is one my mom made me when I was a kid that I just had to glue back together and refill with beads.  This one goes to my daughter.

I got the pattern for these gingerbread dolls from the book Heaven on Earth by Sharifa Oppenheimer.  So fun and not hard to make at all.  These are also for my 5 year old daughter

Presents yet to make:  For my 3 year old son, a felt crown and kings cape, and for my 1 year old daughter, some felt fruit. 

Happy Holidays!


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