Countdown to Christmas


We put most of our Christmas decorations up this past weekend, the earliest we’ve ever managed. No tree yet, I didn’t want it dead by Christmas. As I was looking around at our decorations, I realised we have 5 different ways of counting down to Christmas.

Gift Bag Countdown.  For years I’ve seen cute advent calendars like this and wanted one for myself.  But I could never find the time or energy to put it together.  Finally last year I thought I’d just go for it but in the easiest way I could.  With no time to sew 24 bags with numbers I instead found Christmas gift bags and some fancy tags at Michael’s, wrote the numbers on the tags and clipped them to the bags.  Viola!  Easy!

Then I gathered all our Christmas media (books, DVDs, CDs) and divided them among the bags.  I wrote various Christmas activities (make gingerbread houses, sleep by the tree, drink hot chocolate, etc.) on the backs of pictures I cut from old christmas cards and added those to the bags as well.

I didn’t have enough wall space to hang the bags, plus I wanted to put heavy things in them so I just set them on the railing which happened to be the perfect width for them.  Yay!  Each day we open one bag and listen to/watch/do whatever is inside.

I still think fabric bags would be charming, but this will do for now.  This year I’m going to get some much more festive gold clips to replace the black ones.  That’s the plan anyway.

The Felt Advent.  We’ve had this one the longest, since the boys were little.  It’s pretty beat up and my youngest picked off the number stickers this year.  It will not be with us next year.

Trader Joe’s 24 Chocolate Days ’till Christmas.  MMmmmmm, chocolate…. Trader Joes.  Need I say more?  One for everyone, of course.

Christmas ABC’sThe Friend magazine just arrived today and it always has a countdown activity with a spiritual tone that we like to include in our tradition.

Lego Star Wars Advent.  The boys got this for their birthdays from their aunt and uncle.  Guess how excited they are about this one.

Do you have more than one Advent calendar?  What are your favorite Christmas countdown traditions?


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  1. The only countdown we have is a fisher price one like your felt one that the kids got from Grandma. I LOVE the bags idea, though! We will try that one next year. Thanks!

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