Naturally Healthy Babies and Children


Last winter, my family went through so many illnesses I lost count.  It seemed like we caught everything that went around and I think my sons immune system was constantly down from getting illness after illness.  It was not fun.  Not fun AT ALL.  So as I see (and feel) winter coming, I have decided to develop a new passion.  A passion for health and wellness,  so that we will never get sick.  EVER!  

Of course the first thing I did was check out some books from the library. 🙂  Naturally Healthy Babies and Children by Aviva Jill Romm and Disease-Proof your Child by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.  were the two books I got.   In Aviva’s Book I read “When we teach children that illness is something to avoid at all costs and to overcome as quickly as possible, regardless of the means of doing so, we deny them the right to take time to heal, honor their illnesses, convalesce, and grow.  We are denying that illness is a natural part of health, and we make sickness the enemy of their bodies.”  She also says that how you care for your child’s health sends them positive or negative body images: wholeness or alienation.

Well, OK.  I figure I’ll change my goal from NOT SICK EVER to tending for my kids while they are sick in a positive way, allowing them to fully recover in hopes that we won’t get sick again right after!  Aviva says “The goal is not to arm ourselves against illness, but to avoid unnecessary or repeated illnesses that arise from lack of nourishment, insufficient rest and relaxation, inadequate exercise, or even a lack of warmth and caring from others in our lives.”  Then I read about all sorts of herbal remedies and good lifestyle habits for all sorts of ailments.  I was really excited to get my “herbal medicine kit” ready and grow some medicinal herbs in my garden or maybe go harvest some from the wild!  I also couldn’t wait to try out some of the remedies myself to see if they really help.  I got my chance two days later when my son-you guessed it- got sick!

He fell asleep early Wednesday night and woke up @5 on thursday morning  saying he needed to “hiccup”.  Unfortunately, he meant throw-up.  Alot of the herbal concoctions call for herbs I have never heard of let alone have, but I did have ginger root and cinnamon which are supposed to calm an upset stomach.  I grated the ginger and made a tea out of it and some cinnamon.  When I gave it to my son, though, he didn’t care for it, and threw-up shortly after taking a sip.  After that there was no WAY he was trying it again.  I also tried a heated salt pack on my daughters stomach (she was throwing up the next night) which seemed to delay her next bout of vomiting.  I was throwing up the next day, and then my husband was last to suffer through it.  By that time, the house was a wreck and I was done trying anything but T.V.  One thing I tried that did work well was Aviva’s Electolyte Replacement Drink which both the kids loved (it’s quite sugary) and it helped keep them hydrated without me having to go to the store and get Gatorade.  Here is the recipe for the drink:

8 oz. water (warm or at room temperature)

1/4 tea. baking soda

A pinch of salt

2 Tbls. or more of honey, sugar, or maple syrup

Just mix everything together and give it by tablespoon or 1/4 to 1/2 cup every half hour or so. 

I am excited to learn more about alternative ways to treat illness.  It was nice to have some different things to try in the hopes that they eased being sick a little.  I also like the image of a competent, loving mother nursing her sick child back to health.  It’s a beautiful picture, and a nice feeling.  The reality, though, is usually that I am sick along with them, and then who nurses me back to health?


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  1. Yeah, mommy doesn’t get to be sick. 😉

    My go to drink for vomiting illness’ is ginger ale, but once when my older son was sick and I was out of it I managed to make a passable imitation using candied ginger and honey. I just chopped the ginger, boiled it in some water, let it sit for a while, strained it, added honey and some sparkling lemon-flavored water we had and viola! It actually tasted pretty close to storebought and it had mostly natural sugars so I felt pretty good about that. I’ll have to try the electolyte drink next time and see how that goes. Thanks for the timely post!

  2. Thanks for the idea. I am impressed that you had candied ginger and sparkling water sitting around at home to use! Way to improvise!

    • I actually got the sparkling water free with another purchase. It’s great for dilluting fruit juice and the kids think they’re getting a treat!

  3. You guys are so clever! BTW we were at grandma’s last night (an early birthday dinner) and Dave was telling us about using diluted honey as eye drops instead of the expensive medicine. Apparently it’s a natural antibiotic! (Did I know that?) Anyway, thanks for the great posts. I do read them all, even if I don’t take time to comment ;).

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