The Fabulous Wonderful Awesome Bike Trailor Make-Over…well, kinda



This is our bike trailer. 

It’s in kinda rough shape.  We got it used about 4 years ago and since then it has been sitting outside in all weather conditions.  As you can see, the years have NOT been kind. 

On a different but not completely unrelated subject, picture this.  It was Monday about 3 weeks ago and my house was a mess.  You couldn’t walk through any room in the place without picking your way around a paraphernalia of things and the dishes were piled on the counter, the laundry piled in the hamper.  Despite all these pressing things I had to do, I went outside to empty a garbage bag (did I mention the garbage’s were also overflowing?)  and I walked past this dilapidated trailer sitting forlornly on the side of our apartment.  “Ya know, it’s not such a bad little trailer after all”  I thought.  “It just needs a little love.”  

I was filled with an all consuming desire to fix up this little trailer, which is structurally sound, but lacking in the looks department.  “I have all the stuff I need in my closet!”  I thought, thinking of some outdoor canvass I had leftover.  I didn’t have any netting, but I got the idea to use the old netting which was in OK condition. 

Well.  Long story short, when my husband returned home that evening, the kids were running wild (in their pajamas no less), the house was in even WORSE condition, and the wife (that would be me ;)) was very upset and frustrated with this awful project.  So, here is the finished product.  It turned out too small, and is not well sewn together, but hey, at least there are no rips!  Also, I had wanted to change the color of the trailer body somehow, but that didn’t happen.  So although it is far far away from the glowing picture in my mind that day, at least I tried, right? 



Have you ever had a project go wrong?



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  1. Way to up-cycle! I think your project turned out fine, and saved you tons of money. I’m proud of you and your sewing machine!

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