Hair Clips: not just for little girls….


This week I thought I’d demonstrate a really cute hair clip that is not only easy to make, but easy to make YOUR OWN.

You will need:

-a way to draw large, medium, and small sized circles if you’d rather not eyeball it (I used a mug and a spool of thread )

-a pencil

-scissors (I used pinking shears)

-3 or 4 scraps of fabric that look good together

-netting or mesh fabric that matches your other fabric

-a button or plastic jewel that also coordinates

-a metal hair clip (most craft stores sell packs of these for cheap these days since everyone wants to make their own hair clips)

-a needle and thread or hot glue gun or both

Step 1: Figure out which fabric you want for your base, draw the largest circle on it and cut it out.  Like I said, I used a mug to trace my circle, but if you want your clip bigger, use something bigger.

Step 2: Figure out which fabric you want to be in the middle and draw a smaller circle on that fabric and cut it out.

Step 3: Figure out which fabric you want your smallest circle to be, trace your smallest circle and cut it out.

Step 4: Cut two wide strips from your mesh fabric that are the diameter or a little longer than your biggest circle. Cut enough so that you can fold it over fan-style 3 or 4 times.

Step 5:  Layer all the pieces together with the largest circle on the bottom, a folded up mesh piece across it, the next largest circle, the second folded mesh piece on top of that running perpendicular to the other mesh piece, the smallest circle, and then place the button on top of everything.

Step 6: Get your needle and thread and sew through the button down the middle so everything is sewn together.  Put a couple stitches in. ( I also cut a larger circle out of the mesh and put it on the bottom of the whole stack.)

Step 7: Place your metal hair clip on the bottom, making sure the top of the hair clip is being attached to the bottom of your fabric.  If your clip has a hole in the top part, you can just sew the fabric right on to the clip.  If not, you may need to cut an extra piece of fabric and use your hot glue gun to glue the bottom of the fabric to the top part of the clip and glue the extra piece of fabric on the bottom of the top part of the clip to keep it all in place. 

These images show an example of the clip sewn on and the other of the clip hot glue gunned on with the extra piece of fabric on the bottom.

Another variation of design is seen on this clip where instead of just cutting out one circle for the middle layer, four circles are cut and then folded into quarters and placed together to make the middle circle.  This makes the clip thicker and gives it a fuller, more layered look.  You may want to just hot glue all the layers together if you go this route.

The best thing about the design of this clip is that it’s very basic, which makes it easy to make embellishments and variations.  You can make your clip as dressy and elegant or as casual and playful as you like.  Try different fabric types and color combinations. Use feathers instead of mesh.  Try a jewel in the middle instead of a button.  Add ribbons or lace.  Or both.  Make it your own.

Happy Creating!


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