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I just graduated with a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies.  The main thing I learned from the 4+ years I spent in that major was how to compromise.  How to work and solve problems with people that see things differently than I do.  Because every class was filled with people that were completely opposite in backgrounds and beliefs.  We even made up a little slogan for our college “Are you a hugger or a slayer?”.

Environmental issues are often multi-sided and volatile.  People on both sides are passionate about the issues and often believe that their answer is the right and only answer.  Most of the time it all depends on ones perspective and way of life.  My professors in school understood this and there were more than a few classes in the curriculum that focused on conflict resolution, problem solving, and looking at the big picture.  We were often given both sides of  issues and encouraged to research and debate the different outlooks and opinions.  When I first started in the major I was amazed at how many problems were being debated that I had never even heard about.

So where am I going with this?  I like to stay informed on the issues.  All sides of the issues. I also realize that there is a large group of people that (like me) are unaware of these issues or have very little information about them. Therefore,  I would like to take some time in furture posts to discuss some of these issues- I will outline the history of the issue, list the main points on each side, address some of the research that has been done, and open it up for discussion.  Obviously, I will have my own opinions on each topic, but I’ll try very hard to be unbiased in my presentation.  I’ll just tell you what I think at the very end in order to get a friendly, intelligent discussion going. (Please, no name calling!)

If there is a certain topic you would like to know more about, let me know!  For today, I’m going to post a web page that I love (ok, that wasn’t very unbiased) to get things started.

Their main movie on their homepage is a big picture kind of issue and the other films mainly break it down in to smaller problems.  All of these issues are very complex which is why the simplistic stick-figure explanations appeal to me.


What do YOU think?  What would YOU like to discuss?


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  1. The “Stuff” video wouldn’t load at first so I decided to watch the “Cap and Trade” video. Very interesting. I think your right about everyone having their own opinion and feeling very passionate about it. With the little I know,I found myself questioning a lot of the things discussed in the video.
    I am interested learning about some of the research you’ve done in your studies.

    • Yeah, cap and trade is a tricky one. It’s a good idea in theory and a lot of people like that it makes companies fiscally responsible for their pollution, but obviously they haven’t worked out a good system yet. I’ll see if I can find something more recent on what’s being done with cap and trade.

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