Darn Racoons!!!


Just look at that face.  Beady little eyes, mouth drawn up in a sneer, fangs that just scream out I want to nibble your corn!!! That’s right.  These fiece animals are corns worst enemy.  Just ask my garden.  Here is your answer.

The corn has been ravaged by the little guys.  Ok, big guys.  We were really looking forward to feasting on the corn!  Corn salads!  Corn Salsa! Corn bread! Corned Beef! Oh wait…   Anyway, I guess we know now not to plant corn in our garden next year.   The little beasts live in the dumpsters right next to the gardens.  They haven’t bothered our peppers, beets, green onions, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, or summersquash.  Guess they just love that corn.  Anyone have any ideas to eradicate them?  Aside from a shotgun, I mean.  We don’t own one.  Meanwhile, there’s no saving this summers corn. 

Any ideas what we should plant instead of corn?


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  1. Great racoon pic, but must be a different breed than the ones living in our dumpster…I’ve seen them up close and personal…they have red demon eyes…like GLOW IN THE DARK RED DEMON EYES…

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