Staying motivated!


Is this you? It’s definitely me! I’m a college student with three years left to go (remember when I said I was the youngest?) and school starts this coming Monday. I’ll tell you what, the 2nd grader inside me is excited for school to start because I have always loved school, but then I remember that I’m not a 2nd grader anymore, my teachers don’t care as much about me as Mrs. McDowell did, my name isn’t taped on my desk, I don’t get free pencils and paper (or books. Gee, they can be expensive!) and then I just begin to dread school altogether.

So I thought I’d like to write today about staying motivated! At work, school, etc. Things I’ve tried, things I would like to try, things that have worked, and things that haven’t.

The absolute, number-one-best thing I’ve ever gotten good at to help myself stay on track is to write things down. In middle school, and junior high my mom would buy me a cute planner before school started and she would make me write down every single thing during my school day, and she especially wanted to know what homework I had so she could see me actually doing it. It usually looked something like this:

Math- nothing
English- nothing
Reading- nothing
PE- nothing
Science: nothing

I sometimes wonder how my poor mom dealt with me! And she checked that darn planner everyday, without fail. As I’ve gotten a little older and my grades started mattering a little more, I got a little better at writing things down and now I just hate not having a planner. I always forget things! Especially when I’ve got five classes, a calling, a job, and a husband!

So I’d say, if you don’t write things down and notice yourself forgetting things, maybe you should start!

Something else to help stay motivated (and yes, this is probably cheesey, but really important) Look for the positive things! Even if you’re at work and the positive thing is, I get to go home in 2 hours and 20 minutes, etc.

Something positive that helps me at work is, I’m getting paid for this. I’m getting paid to sit here and fold 400 10 page newsletters in half. Or, I’m learning something new going through all these class curriculum’s. I get to test my knowledge at the copier today!

Something else I like to do is: Make it fun. Sometimes if I’m working with another person (folding newsletters) we would compete to see who could fold the most in 1 minute. When I had to shred 6 boxes of junk at the beginning of my job, I would bring my iPod or sing (to myself. Yes, that’s probably a little crazy… make sure nobody you care about impressing is there). Talking to someone, trying to find a new exciting way to do an old mundane task, etc. There’s tons of things you can do!

Something important in regards to school is to recognize your progress and reward yourself! College is hard, and I think I deserve to feel good about the B- I made on a really difficult math test. Maybe the reward can be having a clean house to be proud of after an entire day’s hard work. Or a relaxing movie night after a busy school day. Also, I find it’s important (and I need to be better about this) but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that you’re a human being, and we’re not perfect!

I’m feeling a little better about school starting in a few days…

But I still need help! What do you do to stay motivated?


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