One of these things is not like the other…


Hello blogging world! My name is Danica Spendlove, and I’m the youngest, and newest member of the “Nurturing Joy” sisters.  Being the newest… and youngest (and shortest) I am really not like the others. I have been married just over five months, and I currently don’t have any children.  However, I must say that, unlike the song, I DO belong even though I am very much different.  And I hope to be able to prove that in my future posts to come.


I enjoy reading, music, and long walks on the beach (Okay, just kidding about that last one.) I love to organize, vacuum, and wash the dishes. I like to take naps, and play the piano. But you know what I just hate more than anything?

Excersicing. See, I can’t even spell the word. E-x-e-r-c-i-s-i-n-g.

I don’t like getting sweaty, I don’t like wearing short shorts or tight shirts, I don’t want people watching me, etc. etc.

There’s a girl I work with who’s doing a full marathon in just a few weeks, my mom’s being going to Zumba every week, my husband and his friends love to play frisbee and racquetball, my Aunt has run the RAGNAR two years in a row… how does everybody do it??? 

A month and half or so ago, my aunt and uncle (the same aunt who’s run the RAGNAR) came up to Logan to ride the MS ride (Multiple Sclerosis). My mom and I watched their kids for the morning and then went to meet them at the finish line. I was so amazed and impressed watching all those cyclists ride past with big smiles on their faces after riding 100 miles!  They all had awesome bikes, fancy shorts and jerseys, sweet shoes and socks, cool water bottles and helmets… and I kept thinking, I want me some of that.

8 days later…

My new bike! I’ve even got the fancy shorts and jerseys, sweet shoes and helmet, and cool water bottles.

I still don’t really like getting sweaty, and I still don’t really like people watching me, but when I’m riding my bike (this is a shocker) it’s fun! I never thought exercising and being healthy could be fun! It always seemed like such a chore for me.

So what changed? I’m still not really sure… but here’s somethings you can do to make exercising fun:

-Find something you really enjoy, and I mean REALLY enjoy. (Ex. me and biking)

-Work out with someone you know (hopefully well enough not to get embarrassed when you sweat, or fall off your bike)

-Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and SING while you work out!

-Make an exercise plan and write it down, including goals (I want to run this far by such-and-such a date… I want to lose five pounds  by this day, etc.)

-Do different things such as running, swimming, biking, walking, yoga, Zumba, etc.

-Put a smile on your face and just do it!

I’ve been riding my bike for three weeks now on a structured plan and I am just loving the way I feel about myself, and I’ve even lost a little weight too!

So tell me, what do you do to make exercising fun???


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  1. Your suggestions are right on! I love to swim, but I haven’t been swimming consistently since I lost my swimming buddy to a busy schedule. I’ve noticed that, especially for women, it really helps to have someone to exercise with.

  2. I love to do kickboxing! Great way to get out frustrations and such- but I haven’t taken a class in a long time and I’m not really motivated to do it on my own. Watching cooking shows while I run on the treadmill works well though! Almost as good as eating while running! 🙂

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